Run a Tournament
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Like darts and a few other games, MagnetXTM is a great game for use in tournaments and competitions for fun and prizes. Clubs, game night groups and church functions are perfect for holding a MagnetXTM tournament. Because MagnetXTM is easy to learn, set up and clean up, it is perfect for large groups.

Becoming familiar with the two variations of the game will allow the host to plan the tournament and by using basic or advanced rules the host can control how long the tournament will last. These instructions will assume that the reader is familiar with the game and has played before. If that is not the case, we strongly recommend that you become so.

To plan a tournament you should have an idea of how many people will be involved and how much time you as the host have to hold your gathering. For tournament play four or five players per board and round is best. This is for two reasons. One, players won't feel as if the odds are to strongly stacked against them to win. And two, the length of time each round will take to have a qualifier for the finally.

Plan to use basic and advanced rules in either the qualifying rounds or finally to peek the interest of the players by making the finally different then the qualifying rounds. If you want to get through the tournament more quickly you should use the basic game play rules during the qualifying rounds. This will get you to the finally more quickly as basic play between three or four players eliminating each other until there is one player left to move to the finally, will take about fifteen minutes each round. Whereas, if you only have a small group or your players can be scheduled or sign up for rounds over a long period of time or you have access to many boards, using the advanced play rules will last between half an hour to an hour per round, also creating a qualifying player for the finally.

For example, if you had five games of MagnetXTM and forty people. You could hold two qualifying rounds with four people at each table creating one finalist each, thus ten finalists. If during the qualifying rounds you used the advanced play rules it would take about two hours to run your qualifying rounds. Then switching to basic game play and placing five people on two boards for the semi final round yields two finalists, which will take about 20 minutes. Then in the last round between the two finalists in five more minutes a winner will be declared. Using this structure your tournament can be held in three hours.

It is a good idea to have drinks and snack food for people to enjoy between rounds or after they have been disqualified, that way people are more apt to stay and watch the rest of the tournament which adds to the atmosphere as people will root and cheer for their favorite players and groan at others losses. As a host you will be surprised at the amount of participation from those who are watching and the development of strategic ideas that comes into play from those involved.

Some important points as a host and organizer of the tournament that should be used are as follows:

  1. Be sure that everyone knows the rules. Either read them aloud, or pass them to everyone to read and then ask if everyone understands and if there are any questions.
  2. If you have time, put the boards out and let people play for a while to learn the game before the tournament begins. This is a perfect time for you to sort through the player's names and organize in your mind who will be sitting at what tables. A fair way to do this is to seat them as they signed up for the tournament or to draw names from a hat.
  3. Explain to everyone the importance of not touching the table during game play. Bumping the table can ruin the game.
  4. If possible have a referee at each table. If the table is accidentally bumped and the game is disturbed, have the referee separate the stones and fix the game as best as possible.
  5. During the tournament do not allow non-tournament games, you don't want to distract from the official setting or allow only certain players to practice.

Other idea to increase the excitement of the tournament and its success should be used.

  1. Make it official. Structure helps the flow and keeps people's interest.
  2. If you have a large chalkboard or whiteboard, use it to graphically show how the tournament is being played out.
  3. Have someone taking pictures and or filming. Most people enjoy the limelight.
  4. If you have video feeds to TV monitors to show close ups of games in progress, this can add to the excitement as well.
  5. Have a grand prize for the winner! This gives people incentive to play. A game of MagnetX is usually the most fitting prize.
  6. If you have the resources and time you can make Runner-up badge necklaces from colored construction paper and ribbon saying something like, "MagnetXTM tournament Runner-up!" or "I took the MagnetXTM challenge!" Kids in particular enjoy this kind of small token prize and it makes loosing less disappointing.
  7. Take a picture of the winner to post on your web site if you have one or activities board. Everyone likes a little bit of fame and it will also draw more people for the next event you hold.
  8. Place a feedback form at the snack table asking your group how they enjoyed the tournament and if they have any suggestions.
  9. If you want to raise funds, have volunteers run the snack tables and sell drinks and snacks that are contributed. Be sure to keep the prices low, people don't mind paying as long as it is for a good cause and you keep the prices low.
  10. If you have extra time after the tournament announce free play for people to play more MagnetX.

The above are suggestions. Once you are familiar with MagnetXTM you can easily alter your tournament structure to your taste as host or to whatever fits best for your group of players. If you have questions feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help you.