MagnetX - The Best ActionStrategy Board Game

Our game is pure simplicity on the surface but you will find out how difficult it is to master! Stones will twist and turn as you try to beat your opponents in placing stones on the board. These aren't just any stones, they are highly magnetized polished hematite and are hand selected for each game. With each game played you will discover new ways in which to challenge your opponents.

MagnetX Action Strategy Board Game
Price: $42.50

Strategy that allows players to challenge each other quickly.

Everyone will love the action.

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Rules that take only a moment to learn and set up that takes no time, MagnetXTM is ready to play. The whole family will love this game. Parties of all sorts will love it as the crowd comes alive during the game. Hours of fun and challenging play for one, two or more players. Even watching is fun. Adults don't have the advantage over kids in this game, it takes both dexterity and touch with kids, having sensitive fingers, gives them an edge.

  • Surprising action that generates cheers and jeers.

  • Showpiece quality so you'll want to keep it out for all to play.

  • A great party game that makes people laugh.

  • A great gift that is totally unique.

MagnetX Gets Reviewed

Don't take our word for it, see what OgreCave has to say about MagnetX™.  We were impressed by the completeness and thought that went into the review.   We scored very well with the game, components, and play.  Allan got to the heart of the game.   We have also made some minor changes that addressed some of those issues.

The review came out just before the GAMA Trade Show where we were received very well, our area buzzing with people wanting to check it out.   We had many great comments and some very helpful suggestions on our product as well.  We will definitely look to improving the packaging for our retailers and distributors as we go forward.   

New Myspace group withDundracon Pics

Yes, we have a Myspace group just for MagnetX™.  Check it out at  The tournament players at DunDraCon had a great time and we have lots of pics for the two days of playing.  We managed to have enough help to run the game hourly from 11am to 10pm, with lots of running between the dealer room and the open gaming table.  

 Everyone had a unique style of playing from strategically placing a stone to simply feeling the stones and setting one down with care.  Magnets that rolled were place to entrap other players while others would use a magnet to knock the traps down.


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